Canning Jars Favorites

I ordered a dozen of these to paint with turquoise Vitrea paint for a cheap, DIY centerpiece idea for our wedding. The jar package arrived with three broken, which is a surprise and a mess upon opening them, but the sellers were very easy to deal with and sent us three more pretty quickly, which arrived just fine. Perfect price and perfect jars for our use of them!
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  1. Giammalva Says:

    We received these jars on time and unbroken – what more could you ask. Shipping was a bit expensive though.

  2. Quirino Says:

    I have no idea about English measurements, but these are ‘pint’ jars and look like typical store-bought-jam sized jars. So far I have made peach and apricot preserves with these jars with no trouble. BTW, they also shipped well-packaged and with no breakage. The wide-mouth jars are best for jams and jellies IMHO because its much easier to get the last bits of jams out of the jar. Have you ever tried to get all the (store-bought) grape jelly out of those wretched Welches plastic jars?! Excellent jelly, terrible packaging! I prefer not to subject my treats to such treatment, and these superb glass jars ensure that doesn’t happen.

    Side note: These are the largest jars that you can use in a hot water bath fruit canning procedure with the All-American model 910 (their smallest) pressure cooker/canner. Pints and half-pints only, for hot water treatment (quart sizes are too tall) in that particular model.

    Have fun!

    p.s: for simple, tasty and tasteful gifts, consider half-pint jars.

  3. Eberhard Says:

    The product arrived on time and just as descibed. The service wes extremely efficient and it was an easy transaction. The jars are just perfect for making strawberry jam. I love them and would highly reccommend this product.AA++

  4. Krumm Says:

    I use these to store my freshly made juice. Wide mouth jars means I can stick my entire hand and clean out the bottom of the jar.

  5. Ulbricht Says:

    I don’t can, however, I needed an inexpensive alternative to storing my flour products in glass jars without having to spend an arm and a leg on other glass jar containers. This was adequate, however, I was uncertain as to how much flour it would hold (not that much) next time I will order larger jars.

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